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Special needs transport in Brookhaven

Getting around in the Brookhaven area can be difficult for those that require special accommodations and accessible transport. LSG Limo Services Of Georgia LLC takes the stress out of getting to your appointments, business or leisure activities for those with limited mobility and special needs.

Specially designed vehicles and specially trained staff

LSG Limo Services Of Georgia LLC offers specially designed wheelchair accessible mobility vehicles that allow you to travel locally with security and comfort.

State-of-the-art wheelchair accessible transport

LSG Limo Services Of Georgia LLC’s special access vehicles are regularly inspected and well maintained to ensure the safety and dignity of Brookhaven residents with special needs and are fully equipped with features that include:

  • - Built-in power ramp with a short or long form option
  • - Anti-slip surface
  • - High quality interior seating
  • - Equipment that conforms to Brookhaven motor vehicle safety standards
  • - Adjustable ramp slope suitable for wheelchair or scooter entry and exit
  • - Extra wide access door that allows for easy entry and exit
  • - Entry and exit assistance

LSG Limo Services Of Georgia LLC provides reliable special access transportation services at reasonable rates to most destinations in the Brookhaven area. We ensure that you, your loved ones, patients or clients can travel in safety with our fully equipped vehicles that accommodate individuals or groups with specialized needs.

For more information and to arrange for transport services in and around Brookhaven, call (470) 725-5513.